Wild animals for kids - Vocabulary for kids

lion, elephant, giraffe, monkey, crocodile, gorilla, zebra, tiger, rhino, bear, wolf

English. Houses people live in the UK

House vocabulary, Parts of the House, Rooms in the House, House Objects ...

Describing People (What does he/she look like?)

He's... She's...
tall-short. slim-plum, young-middle aged-old, beautiful, handsome-ugly,

He's got... She's got...
HAIR: short hair, long hair, bald, blond hair, dark hair, straight hair, 
wavy hair, curly hair, a moustache, a beard
OTHER: a headscarf, a hairband, 
EYES: blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes

Describing People's Looks | English for Children | Fun Kids Videos

HAIR: blonde hair, black hair, brown hair, light brown hair, red hair, gray hair, long hair, 
short hair, straight hair, curly hair, bald

EYES: brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes, mustache, goatee, beard, clean-shaven 

My room vocabulary song in English for kids. Furniture, pets, objects. L...

In my room there is ... and...
a mirror and a dog,             a little spider on the clock
a window and a door,          a purple carpet on the floor
a chair and a cat,                 a little hamster on the bed
a table and a book,              a yellow jacket on the hook
a sofa and a ball,                 a funny picture on the wall.

How to Make a 3D Paper House

Kids vocabulary - [Old] School - Learn English for kids - English educat...

We have... in the...
school bus, gym, art room, music room, science room,  nurse's office, cafeteria, 
classrooms, classroom, blackboard, chalk, desk, chair, bulletin board

Furniture Items Talking Flashcards

window, door, ladder, key, TV, armchair, laptop, vacuum cleaner, bed, fridge, 
dishwasher, toilet, bathtub, sink, washing machine, oven, wardrobe, carpet, 
cupboard, lamp, mirror, spoon, knife, fork, plate, cup

Wash My Hands

What Do You Do Every Day? | Daily Activities and Routines Song for Kids ...

brush my teeth, ride a bike, take a bath and go to bed.
take a bath, brush my teeth, ride a bike, go to bed

Kids English Lesson #18: Vegetables - Are they / Is it by Pumpkin English

carrots, cucumbers, ears of corn, green beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots, peas, potatoes, onions, green peppers, eggplants, pumpkin
Are there any__? Yes, there are. There are __
How many__ are there? There are__
There are some__.   There is a __

Birds of Every Color | Miss Molly Songs

I can see a...
red bird, orange bird, yellow bird, 
green bird, blue bird, purple bird, 
brown bird, black bird, white bird, 

[What] What are you doing? - Exciting song - Sing along

What are you doing?          I'm washing, eating, dancing
What is he doing?               He's  running, drawing
What is she doing?             She's sleeping

Can / Can't - Simple Skits

swim, walk, climb a tree, fly, ski, stop, 

Sports, actions and Can/Can't

play the guitar, ride a horse, run, dance, juggle, drive a car, play the drums, surf, swim, cook, fish, fly, play football, ride a bike, play table tennis, play basketball, ski, read a book, play the piano, play the violin, jump, skateboard, rollerskate, skip